Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Action List 12/13/2010

Weekly Action List 12/13/10
Please take the time to make your voice heard on these important issues.

-Comment on the extension of the Snider Creek Wild Broodstock Program on the Sol Duc River. The program, designed to enhance early run wild steelhead has been operating for 25 years taking an average of 44 wild fish per year to produce hatchery reared offspring. Throughout its history the program has been plagued by poor performance and has produced an average return of less than 300 fish. Given the ecological and genetic impacts of such a program and its continually poor performance, this program should be abandoned. Comments are due by December 15th.

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-Comment on the proposed Elwha Fishing Moratorium. WDFW and the tribe plan to continue planting nearly 60,000 chambers creek hatchery steelhead in the Elwha throughout the period of dam removal. Segregated stocks like chambers creek are used for the expressed purpose of supplementing fishing. With a fishing moratorium in place there is no justification for such a program. Chambers creek stock are known to have extremely poor fitness when spawning in the wild and allowing the entire run to return, uncaught and spawn in the wild, impeding the recovery of wild fish in the system. WDFW is also hosting a meeting on December 15th in Port Angeles on the topic.

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