Friday, December 17, 2010

Good News in the Fight Against Enbridge

Last week opponents of a proposed oil pipeline and tanker route through some of BCs most important salmon habitat scored a major victory when the House of Commons voted in support of a tanker ban along BC's Central Coast. Enbridge corporation has proposed to build an oil pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands, across northern BC to Kitimat where oil would then be loaded onto tankers and shipped south. Unfortunately the proposed route for the pipeline directly threatens the Upper Fraser and Skeena Rivers as well as the BC Central Coast. These there areas support the majority of BC's healthy salmon populations and such a project could prove disastrous in the case of an accident. In the unstable, landslide and avalanche prone terrain of Northern BC a spill is inevitable and the proposed shipping corridor would be through very treacherous fjords known for violent weather and tides. Polls show that 80% of BC residents support the tanker ban. More information at the living oceans society website:

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