Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bycatch a Growing Concern for Alaskan Pollock Fishery

In recent years the commercial bycatch of Chinook salmon by Pollock Fisherman has surged. This year more than 50,000 chinook has prompted the North Pacific Fisheries Management council to call for a fast track plan to reduce the impact of Pollock fisheries. Higher than normal bycatch and recent declines in the abundance of many Alaskan Chinook populations have led to heightened concern that the pollock fishery may be having a substantial impact. Further complicating the issue is the fact that depressed populations of Chinook from Canada, Washington and Oregon feed in the Gulf of Alaska and are threatened by bycatch. High bycatch has also been documented in Bering Sea Pollock Fisheries and in 2007 a record 120,000 chinook were taken. NOAA has already implement a bycatch limit for Bering Sea fisheries and the same could be on the way for the Gulf of Alaska. More information in the Columbia Basin Bulletin:

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