Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rally To Save Wild Salmon

Rally this Monday in Vancouver's Vanier Park at 10 AM. The Cohen commission is currently investigating factors in the decline of Fraser Sockeye we have seen over the last 20 years. While this year's exceptional return brought inspiration and hope, it does not mean Fraser Sockeye are out of the forest. Salmon feedlots continue to spread disease, parasites and toxic effluent into the migratory corridors of wild salmon througout the Georgia Basin and it is imperative that the Cohen Investigation demand that disease records from the salmon farming industry be made public as a part of the judicial inquiry. Progress on this front is incremental and frustratingly slow, but the dedication of countless advocates and good, objective science is tipping the balance. Now it is just imperative that the public continue to put pressure on the government to protect wild salmon from feedlots, please come out and show your support for wild salmon. Much more information at Alexandra Morton's website:

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