Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feds Approve Expansion of Bull Trout Critical Habitat

This week US Fish and Wildlife approved a plan to greatly expand critical habitat protection for Bull Trout which are threatened in much of their historic range. The plan expands critical habitat designation to more than 19,000 miles of stream five times what had been previously protected. Bull Trout were historically found throughout much of the West but are impacted by increased sedimentation and water temperatures associated with land use changes and habitat loss and have declined in many areas. The highly predatory species displays a wide variety of life histories throughout its range. In Puget Sound and other portions of the northern range, the fish spend part of their year feeding in salt water, primarily in the nearshore environment. In the Columbia Basin fish spend their entire lives in freshwater but are known to be highly migratory. More information in an article from the Oregonian:

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