Friday, October 1, 2010

Bureau of Reclamation to Restore Access and Instream Flow on Vital Naches Tributary

Despite some opposition, the Bureau of Rec in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Yakama Fisheries are planning on going ahead with a plan to remove a small diversion dam on Cowiche Creek an important tributary of the Naches River. The plan would provide access to miles of upper Cowiche Creek and its forks and add instream flow to the Creek which has long been used for irrigation. The irrigation capacity will be maintained through a more efficient pipeline, however despite the availability of funds to move ahead with the project, the plan had run into opposition from the local irrigation district. Now the agencies appear poised to move ahead regardless and the project should greatly benefit threatened Steelhead and Coho. More information in an article from last spring in the Yakima Herald:

Also, check out the Washington Water Trust's website for more information about Cowiche Creek:

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