Friday, October 8, 2010

Biologists Report Overall Increase in Global Salmon Abundance, Hatchery Fish a Growing Proportion

This week a group of fisheries biologists from Canada and the US published a paper documenting abundance and trends in in the three most prolific salmon species over the last 60 years. They report two increases in global Sockeye and Pink Salmon populations associated with warming conditions in the North Pacific. Global abundance increased following a regime shift in 1977 and 1989, many studies have reported widespread community changes and increases in the abundance of northern salmon stocks. During the same period, wild chum salmon abundance has remained more or less steady, however supplementation of chum has increased dramatically, particularly in the Eastern Pacific. Southeast Alaska is also home to huge Pink and chum hatchery programs and biologists are increasingly concerned that global hatchery supplementation may be reducing survival of many wild populations in the highseas. More information in the Columbia Basin Bulletin:

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