Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Good Editorials on the Columbia and the Future of Snake River Dams

In the last few weeks a number of excellent editorials relating to the management of the Columbia Basin have appeared in the Media. The first is a guest editorial in the Oregonian written by fishing guide Bob Rees about the problems his community and industry face as a consequence of upriver dams. Rees explains that despite mitigation efforts, fishing communities are held back by depressed wild populations. Good management calls for fishing only as much as the weakest populations can withstand, that means in many years anglers and commercial fishermen are forced to sit idle while huge numbers of hatchery fish, released for "mitigation" purposes swim by.

The second piece is another guest editorial in the Oregonian, by local writer and wild fish advocate Steven Hawley. The editorial discusses President Barack Obama's promise to put science in it's "rightful place" in policy making, arguing that so far, politics have continued to motivate policy on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

During the Bush administration, claims by government scientists that their work was bring stifled for political reasons were widespread. Many within the science community had been hopeful that the Obama administration would take a very different tack. Unfortunately, many scientists complain that the government has continued to skew or disrupt work for politically motivated reasons. More information in a story by Daniel Jack Chasan:,-like-Bush,-seems-to-be-stifling-salmon-science/?utm_source=Crosscut+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=655186efc6-Crosscut_E_mail_8_12_20108_12_2010&utm_medium=email

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