Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Latest in the On-going Saga of DFO's Negligence

New regulations for fish farming should improve transparency, protect wild fish and ensure that the natural wealth of BC is not sacrificed to make foreign corporations wealthy. Instead the new "regulations" will:

- Issue federal licences without consulting First Nations

- Expand the industry without environmental assessments

- Licence salmon feedlots to "harm, alter, disrupt and destroy " the coastal North Pacific

- Legalize destruction of wild fish attracted to the lights and food and trapped in the pens

- Permit incomplete disease reporting

- Tailor each licence to meet the needs of the companies with no public input

How many more salmon populations have to collapse before DFO gets it? How many more salmon ecosystems will be sacrificed at the alter of salmon feed lots? Even one is too many yet salmon farming continues to expand in BC with no sign that the government intends to rein it in. Instead the fisheries minister is attending aquaculture conferences overseas encouraging investment by foreign corporations. Salmon Farms are wreaking havoc on some of BCs finest salmon ecosystems: Nootka Sound, The Broughton Archipelago, Clayoquot Sound and the Fraser River. Enough is enough.

For more information visit Alex Morton's website:

Sign her petition telling Stephen Harper enough is enough. Its time to get serious about protecting BCs wild salmon from fish farms:

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