Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reminder: Comments Due July 23rd

Comments are due on WDFWs 2011-2017 strategic plan by July 23rd. Please take the time to submit comments telling the department that it is time to put the well being of wild salmon and steelhead first and foremost. Any viable strategic plan must

-End Harvest of Wild Steelhead immediately.

-Implement Wild Salmonid Refugia in every ESU as outlined in the Wild Steelhead Management Plan

-Reduce the impacts of hatchery programs on wild fish. The state must weigh the ecological effects of hatchery supplementation and bring hatchery releases into balance with the ecosystem's productive capacity. It also must protect the productivity and genetic integrity of wild stocks by dramatically reducing the number of hatchery salmonids spawning in the wild and monitoring to ensure goals are met.

- Setting escapement goals based on historic abundance rather than political expedience or failed Maximum Sustained Yield principles.

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