Monday, July 19, 2010

Huge Victory For Yuba Salmon

Last week, a US District Court judge ruled that BiOps prepared for two dams on the Yuba river were inadequate. In a case brought by the South Yuba Citizens League and Friends of the River, Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled that the plan as prepared by NMFS did not adequately address a number of impacts on the listed Chinook salmon including the influence of hatcheries, conditions in the Sacramento delta, and the threat of future climate change.

Roughly 12% of Sacramento Chinook spawn in the Yuba, and it represents one of the last refuges for wild salmon in the system. The two dams on the Yuba are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Daguerre Point dam has inadequate fish passage for both upstream adults and outmigrating juveniles and upstream, Englebright Dam blocks anadromous access entirely to over a hundred miles of spawning and rearing habitat. Advocates for the Yuba see this as a major opportunity to move towards removing these two antiquated dams, which were not built for water supply or hydro-power and provide negligible flood control benefit.

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