Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fraser Sockeye Will not Recieve Sustainability Certification

Fraser River Sockeye will not receive an eco-label as sustainable from the Marine Stewardship Council, a reversal of an announcement last February which drew widespread criticism throughout the region. A MSC sustainable certification is given to fisheries which are, "harvested in a way that maintains stock health, protects marine biodiversity, and respects international, national and local standards for responsible fishing." Recently the Fraser has fallen short of preseason forecasts over the last few years the population has become considerably less productive. While some stocks of Fraser sockeye remain relatively robust, some are extremely endangered, and the fishery on the Fraser impacts endangered stocks, making it a poor cantidate for a sustainability certification. Last years sockeye run on the Fraser fell nearly 9 million fish short of its preseason forecast of 11 million, prompting a judicial review of factors contributing to the decline.


Anonymous said...

I can't find notice of this on the MSC website. Do you have a link for the statement that Fraser will not be certified?

Osprey said...

here's a link to their press release on BC sockeye fisheries that received a sustainability certification. Fraser Sockeye are conspicuously absent.