Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forest Service Acts to Protect Chetco River

The Forest Service has proposed a ban on new suction dredge mines on the Chetco River, the Bureau of Land Management will now consider the ban and should have a decision in the next two to three months. Meanwhile, Oregon's congressional delegation has vowed to pursue a lasting resolution to the problem of suction dredge mining in Oregon's Rivers, a problem which has grown since California banned the practice last year.

While the Forest Service's action would not be able to stop the development of 8 currently held mining claims, it will require that the developer prove that each claim has deposits that warrant mining before expanding the project. Currently Seattle based developer Dave Rutan holds mining claims along 24 miles of the Chetco, three within the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and 5 within the Wild and Scenic portion of the river.

More information in the Oregonian:

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Fighting Whitefish said...

Suction dredging needs to go away... the sooner OR and WA can follow CA with a state wide ban, the better.