Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Protect Oregon Coastal Coho Today!

Stan Petrowski photo

Oregon Coastal Coho were listed as threatened in 2005. While there has been some recovery since coastal populations hit rock bottom in the 1990's, many coastal rivers remain below 10% of historic abundance and the threat of logging, development and harvest remain. Under pressure from the timber industry, developers and proharvest groups the federal government has conducted a status review for Oregon Coastal coho and comments are due from the public before 7/25/2010. Continued protection under the ESA is essential to protect critical coho populations and their habitats, particularly when ODFW opened a harvest fishery for wild coho this year rather than allowing populations to rebuild abundance and diversity. Additionally, because the Oregon Forestry board recently approved plans to increase timber yield on state lands, the state of Oregon has shown a lack of political will to protect coastal watersheds making federal mandates for protection of critical habitat particularly crucial. Comment today and tell the federal government that you support continued protection of Oregon Coastal Rivers and their endemic Coho under the endangered species act.

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Steelie Mike said...

Let's hope John Kitzhaber gets the votes. Something needs to change.