Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Wilderness on the Lower Rogue

Nationally designated as a wild and scenic river flowing through the Wild Rogue wilderness, the Lower Rogue represents on of the largest continuous lengths of roadless river in the Lower 48. Despite these protections, the lower Rogue is threatened by plans to log old growth timber in the adjacent Siskyou National Forest and Zane Grey Roadless area. To protect the Rogue from these threats and ensure that the lower river can offer a pristine wilderness setting as well as productive habitat for salmon and their habitats forever a group of environmental organizations called the Save the Wild Rogue Coalition is pushing for a major expansion of the Wild Rogue Wilderness. The proposal is gaining momentum and recently a major timber industry group announced that they will not oppose the protections. More information at Oregon Wild's website.

Act now and tell your senators to protect the Lower Rogue

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