Friday, May 21, 2010

No Change on the Snake From the Obama Administration

After a court ordered three month review of the Bush era Columbia River Biological Opinion, the Obama administration and NOAA have opted not to implement significant changes to the plan they submitted this past September. The plan provides no improvement of in river management and may actually jeopardize progress made over the last 5 years by removing some of the court ordered spill designed to hasten the downstream passage of smolts through the hydrosystem. Furthermore the plan provides no clear mandate for dam removal only providing a provision for "studying" it as a potential option should runs continue to deteriorate in 10 years. While the lack of progress on the Snake and Columbia doesn't come as a surprise it is a significant disappointment given president Obama's emphasis on science and dealing with climate change. Now fish advocates must hope that Judge Redden holds his ground and refuses to accept the plan he has already rejected twice. More information on Save our Wild Salmon's website.