Thursday, April 29, 2010

Washington Wants a Working Snake River

Decades of inaction and indecisiveness on the management of the lower Snake River have left eastern Washington communities in limbo. The four lower Snake River dams are the biggest impediment to salmon recovery in the Snake Basin, yet the unwillingness of the federal government to consider alternatives to the status quo has and will continue to cost millions of dollars annually in mitigation. Meanwhile chinook and sockeye in the Snake teeter on the brink of extinction and steelhead remain listed as threatened. Now a group of prominent business and communities leaders in Eastern Washington have joined together to call for a collaborative and visionary solution to problems on the Snake River. The Columbia and Snake Rivers are the lifeblood of Eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho and for too long the federal government has turned its back on dealing with the management of these systems. Check out their new website for more information.

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