Friday, April 16, 2010

Enbridge Pipeline Threatens Skeena and BC coast

With the expansion of oil extraction in Alberta's tar sands, oil companies are looking for ways to move oil more than 1000 kilometers to the coast where it can be moved to market via tankers. The latest plan being proposed by North American giant Enbridge is to build a 1150 km pipeline across Northern BC to Kitimat. The pipeline would cross both the Upper Fraser and Skeena River systems and tanker traffic on the remote BC coast is expected to expand dramatically. Given the unstable nature of the geology in Northern BC and the risks associated with heavy tanker traffic, the threat posed to salmon and other aquatic and marine organisms is huge. Transporting oil through three of BCs most important salmon ecosystems is a flat out bad idea, and if the pipeline is constructed it becomes a question of when not if a catastrophic spill would occur. Act now to protect wild salmon and steelhead in Northern BC by visiting the Living Oceans Society website and sending a letter to Enbridge's CEOs telling them you adamantly oppose construction of the Enbridge Northern Pipeline.

Also, more information on the pipeline project at the Skeena Watershed Conservation Council: