Friday, April 23, 2010

Dam Removal, Lets Get Serious

An article in the latest Northwest Fishletter details a plan released by the Army Corps of Engineers for studying dam removal on the Lower Snake River as a, "contingency of last resort." Rather than providing a comprehensive, scientific analysis of the potential benefits and impacts of dam removal, the report focused heavily on the uncertainty associated with removal of the Snake River dams, and emphasized that removing the dams could have detrimental impacts on wild fish. This sort of attitude towards change is exactly why the status quo is so strongly entrenched and as long as we in the public continue to allow ourselves to be fooled by handwaving and pseudo-science the Snake River dams will remain in place. The impact of dams is undeniable and while there may be short term changes in abundance as populations of salmon adjust to a dam free river, removing dams on the Snake is the only way to ensure the long term persistence of wild salmon and steelhead in the system. Fish letter article here...

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