Friday, April 16, 2010

6 Million Federal Dollars to Protect Bull Trout Habitat

Photo by Mike Davidchik

The Columbia Land Trust has been given a 6 million dollar grant from the Federal Government to purchase critical Bull Trout habtiat in Southwestern Washington. With the money Vancouver WA based nonprofit will now be able to buy 3,000 acres of forest and and riparian habitat surrounding critical bull trout habitat in the area surrounding Mt St. Helens. A total of $16.2 million dollars of federal support for land conservation in Washington State were announced Monday by interior secretary Ken Salazar.

Bull trout populations in the Lower Columbia have been hurt by dam construction blocking movement of the migratory predators and isolating populations predominantly above impassable dams. Development and Logging have further degraded critical bull trout habitat in the area, making permanent protection of remaining habitat in the region absolutely essential. More information in The Columbian

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