Monday, March 1, 2010

Smith River goes CnR for Steelhead

The Smith River had for the last decade or so been the last holdout in California where harvest of Wild Steelhead was allowed. Beginning March 1st however, the Smith will be managed under CnR regulations for wild steelhead. Perhaps a few successive years of below average returns have startled CDFG into closing harvest. This is great news for the Smith, which supports one of the healthier runs of wild steelhead in California, and represents a positive change in the management philosophy at CDFG. Hopefully ODFW and WDFW take notice, the archaic practice of sport harvesting of Wild Steelhead is still allowed on some rivers in Oregon and Washington. Given the depressed state of most wild steelhead populations, concentrating wild steelhead harvest pressure on the few remaining robust runs is foolish and unsustainable. Subscribe to the Osprey today and check out Jon Goin's very timely article about the Smith River.

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