Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puget Sound Coho Listing

Sam Wright, a former WDFW biologist who successfully petitioned for the listing of Puget Sound Steelhead has authored a petition to list Coho in Puget Sound. Sport harvest of Coho is still allowed in many areas of Puget Sound. Coho in the region were studied for a listing in the mid 1990s and while they were not listed at the time, the report concluded that if their trajectory remained the same as it was during the 1990s Puget Sound Coho would likely warrant listing in the future.

North of Falcon proceedings in late March will provide an opportunity for public comments on the need to stop the harvest of wild coho in Puget Sound.

Urban development, overharvest, prespawn mortality from stormwater runoff, hatcheries and poor marine survival all are contributing to Coho's problems in Puget Sound. More information on The Home Waters and Wild Fish Blog:

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