Saturday, February 20, 2010

Landmark Deal on Klamath

Stakeholders including tribes, irrigators and the PacifiCorp (owners of the four Klamath Dams) as well as the and Governors of California and Oregon met last week to sign an agreement which could lead to the removal of the lower Klamath Dams in 2020. The deal aimed to address long standing conflicts in the Klamath region over the allocation of water for irrigation and instream flow as well as the future of the four Klamath Dams.

The future of the dams however remains uncertain and the issue of removal is subject to change should congress fail to allocate $500 million dollars for the removal process. The plan must also be approved by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar who promised to use the best available science in reviewing the project and then come to a determination on the future of the dams. If the dams come out it would open more than 300 miles of mainstem Klamath to salmon, providing a major boost to Chinook, Coho and Steelhead in the basin. More information in the Oregonian:

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