Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IHN Outbreak on the Quillayute System

An IHN outbreak in hatchery reared steelhead has resulted in the culling of all hatchery fish at the Bogachiel State Hatchery. Wild Broodstock fish in the Snider Creek program on the Sol Duc may also be infected and are being closely monitored for the disease. The current strain of IHN in Washington hatchery populations is from the Dworshak hatchery and has been found in a number of hatchery stocks on the Washington Coast in the last two years. IHN "infections are often lethal due to the impairment of osmotic balance, and occurs within a clinical context of oedema and haemorrhages" (Intervet), and can be transmitted between fish or from fish to their offspring and confined, high density rearing conditions found in hatcheries increase the likelihood of transmission as well as the potential impacts of the disease.

If the disease spread to the wild population in the Quillayute system, the effects could be disastrous.

A meeting to discuss the IHN outbreak in Forks area hatchery programs is scheduled for Thursday February 4th in the Conference Room of the DNR building by Tillicum Park, in Forks.

More information on IHN at Intervet animal health website:

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Christopher said...

It was a matter of time. Just say no to all hatcheries my friends. I like to whack em and eat em too, but not at this price