Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feds Will Take Another Shot at 2008 BiOp

Judge James Redden has given NOAA three months to update the 2008 BiOp and bring it into accord with the Endangered Species Act. In September the Obama administration presented its updated version of the long contested 2008 Columbia River Biological Opinion. The plan remained largely the same as a Bush era plan with the exception of an Adaptive Management Plan which would reassess the situation on the Snake and Columbia in 10 years. Advocates of Snake River wild salmon have criticized the updated plan as inadequate, and the Western Branch of the American Fisheries Society has said the plan is insufficient to protect Columbia Salmon from extinction.

In order for the latest plan to be accepted, NOAA will have to include the various stakeholders in negotiations over the proposed measures to recover wild salmon. The plantiffs in the case against the federal government, Earthjustice, The Nez Perce tribe and the State of Oregon were all shut out of the negotiations last fall. All three groups are calling for the removal of the lower four Snake River dams, which would allow for recovery of ESA listed steelhead, chinook, and sockeye in the Snake system. More coverage of the BiOp:


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