Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekly Action List 1/21/10

As advocates it is imperative that we are informed and involved in our local fisheries issues and that managers and political representatives hear our voices regarding the management of our fisheries. Often managers hear very little from the public on the very important decisions they make, so one informed voice speaking for wild fish can have a substantial impact. Taking an hour or less per week to fulfill our duty as guardians of the resource and make public comment on the management of our fisheries is one thing that all of us can do to help wild fish. Starting this week we will be posting a weekly action list which will remind readers of what they can do each week for our wild fish.

For the first installment:

Weekly Action List 1/21/10

-Comment on a King County ordinance that would limit the placement of large woody debris by requiring a recreational safety review first. Comment period ends February 19th. See the original post here:

-Comment on a proposal before the Oregon State Forestry Board to increase logging in some of Oregon's most productive coastal watersheds. Comment Period Ends January 29th. More info at the Native Fish Society Wild Fish 4 Everyone blog:

thank you for taking the time to speak on behalf of wild fish.

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