Thursday, January 7, 2010

North Umpqua Q&A with Jay Nicholas

A link to a highly informative Q&A on the North Umpqua, its management and its future with Jay Nicholas a former ODFW biologist who now works for the Wild Salmon Center. As many of you probably know the North Umpqua has faced the threat of wild steelhead harvest for some time. Recently wild fish advocates won a victory and ODFW declined to open the river to harvest for the time being. The Umpqua is one of last robust and stable runs of wild winter steelhead in the Lower 48 and must be protected accordingly. Current threats include the future prospect of wild steelhead harvest, the potential stocking of winter hatchery fish to provide "harvest opportunity", and allowing bait on traditionally selective regulations water. See the whole interview at The Caddisfly Blog:

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