Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lice Outbreaks Causing Alarm in Norway

Over the last year drug resistant sea lice have exploded on Norwegian fish farms. The chemicals used to treat sea lice on salmon farms has been used for over a decade in Norwegian aquaculture, however recently the parasites have become increasingly resistant. Now with widespread fear that huge numbers of lice may have huge impacts on the country's wild salmon. Recently the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research announced that during 2010 many fishfarms may have to be closed to protect wild salmon populations. While many in Norways government have entrenched interests in fish farming, including fisheries minister Lisbeth Berg-Hensen who is the former head of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Association, public concern about the impact of chemical resistant lice is spreading. The Norwegian Parliment is growing increasingly concerned with the issue and many members have questioned Berg-Hensen's impartiality. A recent poll in a Norwegian newspaper found that 84% of respondents thought she should resign.

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