Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gill Net Ban Could be on Oregon Ballot

The Northwest Chapter of the CCA is pushing to get a gillnet ban on the Oregon Ballot for November. Gill nets and Tangle nets are used in commercial salmon and steelhead fisheries, primarily on the Lower Columbia. Many wild fish advocates oppose the use of the nets because fisheries targeting abundant hatchery returns catch large numbers of endangered wild salmon and steelhead which cannot be released alive from a gill net. While live release is possible from a tangle net, the survival of the impacted fish is greatly reduced by the stress of being caught in a tangle net. WDFW has been working to expand the use of seines and other non-lethal fishing methods in Washington State and over the last two years a number of pilot projects have demonstrated its efficacy. While the ban would not apply to Native American fisheries, a move to non-lethal fishing methods might benefit wild salmonids in the Columbia greatly.

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