Friday, January 29, 2010

Central California Dam Removal

A dam on the Carmel River in Central California is slated for removal. The 106 foot high San Clemente Dam is failing and could be removed as early as 2012. The deal between NOAA and local governments will open 25 square miles of habitat for endangered steelhead.

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ecoexpert said...

It's so important to do these projects smartly. It concerns me that there is only 25 miles of habitat (is that mainstem) above the dam that clearly has a legacy of landuse mismanagement. the volume of sediment behind the dam suggest that the river routes a substantial amount of material. i can forsee conflicts with people that will be affected by a new fluvial disturbance regime downstream. if those conflicts get blamed on a "habitat" project that shows modest (if any) gains in population health, then projects of this magnitude might become rarer. this is one for the message control gurus.