Monday, December 14, 2009

Western Rivers Conservancy Fall Newsletter

The Western Rivers Conservancy is an organization dedicated to protecting some of the most productive, ecologically significant, beautiful rivers in the Western US. Among their achievements is the purchase of large portions of land in the Hoh River drainage which led to the formation of the Hoh River Trust along with countless smaller projects to protect or restore critical habitat in streams and estuaries around the west. In their fall newsletter they highlight a particularly exciting project, the purchase of 47,000 acres from Green Diamond logging company on the Klamath Basin. In partnership with the Yurok Tribe, they now own major portions of the Lower Klamath, including Blue Creek one of the most critical drainages in the region. During summer when low flows and elevated stream temperatures threaten migrating salmonids in the mainstem, Blue Creek provides lifesaving cold water from its high elevation drainage which the fish use as refugia during their migration. By protecting Blue Creek, Western Rivers Conservancy and their Yurok partners have ensured that migrating salmon in the Klamath will always have their cold water refuge.

See their riverlands newsletter for fall 2009:

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