Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Report Identifies Salmon and Bull Trout as Most Threatened By Climate Change

A new report released by a coalition of conservation organizations identifies Bull Trout and Salmon as two species most threatened by our warming climate. Changes in patterns of runoff, snowpack and increased summer temperatures pose an imminent threat to spawning and rearing salmonids and changes in Ocean Climate conditions may reduce productivity in our coastal oceans dramatically in the future. All this paints a bleak picture for the future of wild salmon and bull trout. Fortunately salmonids are extraordinarily resilient, capable of rapid evolution in the face of changing conditions. Still the report highlights the fact that work to restore populations of wild salmon and trout cannot be delayed. Abundant, productive and diverse populations of salmon will undoubtedly have greater success adapting in the face of climate change and with further delays their capacity to recover will only be hindered by ongoing changes in the climate.

See the Report Here:

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