Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reintroducing Bull Trout to the Upper Clackamas

The Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans recently to reintroduce Bull Trout to the Upper Clackamas River just outside of Portland. The plan calls for releasing around 30 adult, 30 sub-adults and as many as 2000 juveniles in the first wave of the reintroduction which could begin as early as this summer. Bull trout were historically abundant in the Clackamas as well as a number of other rivers in the area. Today bull trout populations in the lower Columbia are highly fragmented by dams and populations have been reduced to a fraction of their former size. Fish introduced to the Clackamas will be taken from the Metolius River which has a relatively healthy population of the large, piscivorous predators.

See an article on the reintroduction on the Oregonian website:

Also those interested should check out the US Fish and wildlife services draft recovery plans for Bull Trout in the Lower Columbia and Willamette which can be found at:

In recent years the Clackamas has been a bright spot in the management of wild fish in Oregon. North Fork dam, operated by PGE allows managers to sort out hatchery clipped fish, maintaining the upper river as a spawning refugia for wild steelhead, salmon and now bull trout. The populations have responded with recovery to a fairly sustainable level from critically low levels in the late 90s. More information on PGEs website.

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Jkb said...

Welcome back, Bull Trout! I fish the Clackamas for steelhead and it's a beautiful river!