Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Giant Squid Moving North, Could Signal Changes in Ocean Environment

Over the last decade humbolt squid have shown a dramatic northern range expansion. Following the 2002 El Nino the squid species, historically found off the coast of Baja Mexico, appeared around Montery. Since then they have been found increasingly farther north until 2004 when they were caught by fishermen off Sitka Alaska. Scientists believe the northward advance of the species is being driven increasing areas of anoxic, oxygen depleted water. The squid are thought to be highly resistant to anoxic conditions and oxygen poor bottoms waters have been rising an average of 10 feet per day. The squid which may grow to weights in excess of 100 lbs are a major concern because they are voracious predators which could have a substantial negative impact on valuable fisheries. See an article from the Christian Science Monitor:

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The Humboldts reached into the Strait of Juan De Fuca. We had several days out around Neah Bay where they were grabbing at our surface lures.