Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forest Service Reworking Protections for Fish and Wildlife

After 8 years and three failed attempts by the Bush administration to ease protections for fish and wildlife to benefit logging the Forst Service is trying to rewrite basic environmental regulations that regulate logging on National Forest Lands. Regarding the plan, agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack was recently quoted as saying,

"Our national forests and grasslands are great natural treasures that we must conserve and restore for the benefit of future generations."

healthy upland and riparian forest ecosystems are critical for health of adjacent stream and river habitats. By stabilizing banks, contributing woody debris, shading the channel and slowing the speed with which water runs off the landscape, healthy forests maintain critical linkages to aquatic communities. Many areas are only beginning to recover from 20th century logging which in some cases had extremely adverse effects on wild salmon and steelhead in our region.

Info on the logging plans at the Oregonian:

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