Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Ever Closed Containment Salmon Farming Operation

Around the world open, netpen salmon farming operations are having a huge, detrimental impact on their surrounding environments. In British Columbia, open net pen farms have been linked to massive declines in chum and pink salmon in the Georgia Strait and Broughton Archipeligo and may have contributed to the major crash in Sockeye abundance this year on the Fraser. Because of the environmental costs associated with open net pens environmentalists and advocates have been lobbying hard for the aquaculture industry to move to full enclosed farm systems. With full enclosure there is little to no risk of pathogens, effluent or parasites moving between the farmed salmon and their surroundings. Despite the obvious environmental benefits of a fully enclosed farming operation the industry has been unwilling to trasition to the new technology because of the costs. Now a Vancouver-based fish farming business Agri-Marine has launched the worlds first ever full containment Salmonid farm in China. Simon Fraser University professor emeritus Larry Albright helped develop the technology. This is a huge step and hopefully only the beginning of a complete shift to enclosed farming. If market forces demand enclosed farms, and consumers shy away from farmed salmon because of the environmental impacts the industry will have no choice but to reform.

More information at Simon Fraser's website.

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