Thursday, November 26, 2009

Citizens Panel to Provide Input On Oregon Forest Management

A citizens advisory committee on forest management will be meeting for the first time on December 2nd at 1:15PM at the Oregon Department of Forestry Headquarters in Salem. The group is set to provide guidance for the Oregon Board of Forestry about how to best balance economic, environmental and recreational uses on State Forest Lands. Much of the Oregon Coast Range is State Forest and controversy this summer erupted when the Forestry Board opted to allow logging in some of the most productive salmon bearing areas on the North Coast. Logging activities in the last century severely degraded many watersheds and contributed to huge declines in populations of Coho Salmon which are now listed under the ESA. There is reason to be hopeful that the advisory committee will provide constructive, profish guidance to the Forestry Board, a number of the members are taken directly from environmental and wild fish advocacy groups. Among them are Jeff Hickman of the Sierra Club, Meryl Redisch of the Portland Audobon Society, and Bob Van Dyk of the Wild Salmon Center.

More info at Jeff Hickman's Blog

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