Friday, October 2, 2009

Rally this Sat in downtown Vancouver

The Canadian federal and BC provincial governments are failing wild salmon monumentally. Hopefully the terrible sockeye returns on the Sockeye this year will serve as a wake up call to managers, politicians and create public opposition to fish farms in the Georgia Strait where steelhead, pink, chum and now sockeye have all collapsed concurrent with the growth of the fish farming industry.

This Saturday there will be a rally of fishermen, conservationist advocates and others concerned with the future of wild salmon in the Lower Mainland BC. For those interested in attending here's the information straight from Alex Morton:

I am writing to remind you that this Saturday, October 3, there is a rally being held in Vancouver on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 1pm on Georgia Street between Howe St. and Hornby St. It has been organized by a few citizens who realize that unless we take a stand, we will be losing our wild salmon. I have heard from many people who plan to be there from a wide area of the Province and Washington State.
There has been a very long and difficult history between people and this fish that feeds us and our environment. Many people know they have not done what they can to make sure future generations have this generous fish but it is time to move past this and take a stand.
If you cannot be there you can help by contacting your MP telling them to ask Prime Minister Harper everyday in question period what he has done to bring our sockeye salmon back from collapse. Why has the Minister of Fisheries, Gail Shea and her top BC official Paul Sprout said that fish farms will not be part of this investigation? Ask your MP everyday for a Judicial Inquiry into the disease history of every salmon farm in the spring of 2007 when our sockeye were last seen.
Contact your MP until they tell you they have done this. Unless we get people under oath, we will lose our salmon just like the east coast lost their cod.
It is immoral of the governments we elected and pay to degrade the eastern Pacific with their inattention to this. We need this fish to power our Province and this fish needs us.
Alexandra Morton

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