Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oregon Gov. Kulongoski On the New Columbia BiOp

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski is critical of the Obama administrations new additions to the 2008 BiOp. In an opinion piece published in the Oregonian he cites a number of reasons why the newest plan doesn't go far enough to protect and recovery wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia. Among his criticisms are the fact that the new plan actually rolls back some of the more progressive flow management actions which have been in place over the last couple of years and that the contingency plan of "studying" dam removal as an option isn't on the table until salmon have slid precariously close to extinction. Kulongoski believes that the way forward is to beging studying and preparing for the removal of the Snake Dams in the case that the runs have declined further in 10 years. Oregon, and the Nez Perce tribe are both plantifs in the lawsuit that challenges the 2008 BiOp and have maintained their opposition to the plan even as the other original plantifs were bought off with promises of money for hatcheries and habitat restoration. See the full editorial in the Oregonian

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