Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fraser Sockeye Petition

The Fraser River, one of the worlds greatest Sockeye producers is in deep trouble. Over the past several years Fraser Sockeye have been declining and warmer in river temperatures have led to huge prespawn mortality. Declines have been linked to the high prespawn mortality, changing ocean conditions in the strait of Georgia and potentially fish farms.

This year the issue came front and center when returns fell short by 90% of the preseason forecast. The catastrophic decline in Fraser sockeye has caused major political upheaval in Canada and a number of groups are working to ensure that DFO addresses the major causes of the decline. They've initiated a petition demanding formal judicial inquiry into DFOs management of the sockeye fishery and factors contributing to their decline. It can be printed and signed here. It takes a few minutes and your voice is extremely valuable. Even if you aren't Canadian, Fraser Sockeye are a major part of the evolutionary and ecological legacy of the species. We all have to stand up and tell Canada's government to take action.

More information can also be found at Alex Mortons blog, including some very heart breaking photos of the extremely low spawner densities in the Adams River, one of the Fraser's most important spawning tributaries.

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