Wednesday, October 28, 2009

California Plan Jeapordizes Critical Coho Habitat

The Shasta and Scott Rivers provide critical habitat for threatened Coho salmon in the Klamath basin. This summer as drought gripped the region, major portions of both streams went dry in large part because of wasteful irrigation practices. In the past irrigation permits have been issued on an individual basis upon the determination that the irrigation did not cause undue harm to listed species, however the California Department of Fish and Game's new proposal would give blanket protection to irrigators and allow the further exploitation of already scarce water in the basin. Coho in the Klamath are though to be at 1-2% of historic abundance and a coalition tribal groups, commercial fishermen and environmental NGOs have challenged the proposal in San Francisco superior court. We will keep you posted as this progresses. More information at Earth Justice's website.

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Matadors Blog said...

a significant amount of water in this basin is being diverted/pirated for marijuana cultivation. Not sure how that factors into mgmt plan.