Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Administration Drops Ball on Snake Dams

As expected the Obama administration announced it will be supporting the Bush Administration 2008 BiOp with a few minor modifications. The original plan did not include any possibility of dam removal and the new plan includes only lip service to the removal of Snake Dams as a, "contingency of last resort". While a number of tribes and the state of Washington have signed off on the 2008 BiOp their consent is primarily based on promised money for habitat restoration and increased hatchery production. The Nez Perce Tribe and the State of Oregon both refused to go along with the plan because it failed to address the fundemental problem of the Snake Dams. Environmentalists and advocates had been hopeful that a new administration would look at the overwhelming body of scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of the Snake Dams and decide removal was the best option. For the time being however we are left disappointed as we watch wild Snake salmon and steelhead slowly disappear. More coverage in the Oregonian


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The Full Plan


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