Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Irrigation dam removed on Naches River Trib

Yakima River steelhead are getting access to almost 20 miles of habitat. Cowiche creek, a tributary of the lower Naches River. Blocked since the 19th century when irrigation dams were constructed to water crops in the Naches Valley, an updated irrigation system will allow for unimpeded passage of fish for the first time in over 100 years. A productive tributary Cowiche is known to support steelhead, coho and spring chinook and the restoration project has been a top priority for recovery groups in the area. Yakima steelhead and chinook are listed as threatened under the ESA. More info in the Yakima Herald


Satus dam is also slated to come out soon, Satus creek is one of the most productive spawning tributaries in the Yakima drainage and supports a large portion of the spawning steelhead in the basin. Dam removal will ease passage and allow the river to access the historic flood plain in the area below the dam. Also, see more coverage of on going recovery efforts in the Yakima drainage in the most recent issue of the Osprey.


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