Monday, August 3, 2009


The Hatchery Scientific Review Group is a consortium of government, tribal and other scientists which recognizing the many weaknesses of our hatchery system came together to provide recommendations for reform in Washington State and along the Columbia Basin. Their conclusions often fail to fully address the problems associated with hatchery supplementation, often relying on the idea that integrating the hatchery system (wild brood stock) is the answer. However even with the shortcomings of a document entrenched in the status quo they do recognize the fact that hatchery supplementation is significantly limiting wild productivity in many systems and in some cases recommend substantive changes to hatchery practices. Regardless of the scientific merits of the HSRG report, the website is a wealth of information on salmon and steelhead populations throughout the region, particularly the Columbia System. Check out the website, of particular interest are the Columbia River Conclusions and the system wide report.

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