Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worlds Oceans see Warmest June Ever

The worlds oceans, and land masses are getting warmer. Big trouble for coldwater fish like salmon and steelhead. The Oregonian reported Friday that ocean temperatures this past June were the highest on record, breaking the previous 2005 record. The combined ocean-land temperature was the second highest on record and El NiƱo has returned, indicated by 6 months straight of higher than normal SST (Sea Surface Temperature). For those who doubt climate change these should be sobering facts, climate change is the biggest challenge that wild salmonids face and it is important that we as advocates include climate change on any list of priorities we have. See the article at the Oregonian.


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Ecesis Factor said...

is climate change really a bigger crisis for salmonids than dams, stream loss... things of that nature? This is not to be confrontational at all. I beleive climate change is a serious problem, but it seems as though salmonids face so many immediate problems.