Monday, July 6, 2009

Stimulus money made available for removal of Gold Ray dam

Dams are falling left and right on Oregons Rouge. The Rouge, one of Oregons most productive and important salmon rivers has seen a number of dams dismantled in the last few years, and work began last month to remove Savage Rapids one of the most harmful to fish in the region. Now the federal government has allocated another 5 million dollars for Jackson County to take out Gold Ray dam, another antiquated, harmful dam in the Rouge system. Gold Ray a relic from a bygone era does not generate electricity, divert irrigation water, or provide flood protection and many believe it is time for it to go. While the county remains uncertain about their desire to remove the dam, the funds are available and will be gone if they go unused by 2010. With the removal of Gold Ray the rouge would flow unimpeded for 150 miles from Lost Creek dam to the Pacific. See the full article in Southern Oregon´s Mail Tribune.

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