Monday, July 6, 2009

ODFW proposes direct harvest on ESA listed Coho

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has moved to allow direct harvest on ESA listed coastal Coho stocks in the Coos, Coquille, Yaquina and Nehalem. Now it is up to NOAA to approve or deny the harvest fishery. The fishery is proposed solely on a modest recovery following collapse of Oregons Coastal Coho Salmon. The State of Oregon established a maintenance spawner abundance of 200,000 Coho in Oregon's Coastal streams, this years predicted return is 211,000 providing very little margin for error. Additionally these numbers accept a shifting baseline of lower abundance, historically around 2 million Coho were thought to return annually to Oregon's Coastal Rivers.

Please write NOAA and tell them not to allow this negligent fishery to happen. Send your comments to by July 17th.

More information is available at Russell Bassets blog

and at the Native Fish Society

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