Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Couple of Interesting Pieces on Fish Farming

A frequent blog topic here, fish farms pose one of the biggest threats to the future of Georgia Basin wild salmon. We recently reported that in the Broughton Archipeligo sea lice numbers were down in 2009 following the fallowing of a number of fish farming operations in the area. While lower numbers of sea lice are good news for this years outmigrant smolts, the farms will be active again next yaer and the long term outlook remains bleak for wild fish until farming practices are changed. See more in the Campbell River Courier Islander

We also have been covering the ongoing developments in a series of new aquaculture leases being issued to the Norwegian Company, Greig Seafood. The leases are set to be in Johnstone Strait one of the most important migratory coridors in Southern British Columbia. See a pieces by Ray Grigg in the Courier Islander for some perspective on exactly how big the problem of Salmon Farming really is.

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