Saturday, June 20, 2009

Voice your Opinion on Fish Farming in BC

Fish farms represent one of the biggest threats to the future of wild salmonids in the Georgia Basin and Puget Sound. In the confined glacial archipeligos, the high densities of parasites and disease have severe impacts on outmigrant smolts and resident fish. If dramatic changes aren't made in the scale and practice of aqua culture in Southern BC, the future is grim for wild fish. Most of the fish farming opperations are run from outside of Canada and unfortunately they continue to expand. Meanwhile activists insist that they must reduce the number of farms, monitor impacts more closely and ultimately change the design and implementation of fish farms to protect wild fish. With two more net pen opperations proposed in the Sunderland Channel the Campbell River Courier Islander has posted a poll on their website asking readers to comment on whether they believe the net pen operations should be allowed. The Sunderland Channel is particularly sensitive as it is a tightly confined channel which is a bottle neck for all salmon migrating north from the Fraser and other Georgia Strait systems. Vote at the Courier Islander's website

While you're at it check out the Save Our Salmon website, a great resource for information on the issues in BC.

Also, see an article on the push to close 5 farms in BC

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