Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thompson sees Record Low Steelhead Return

British Columbia's Thompson River, among the most storied steelhead rivers in the world for its huge, hard fighting fall steelhead once supported thousands of spawning steelhead annually. As recently as the 70s numbers were over 10 thousand. These days, the storied population has been reduced to a pittance of its former glory...BC biologists estimate that only 850 steelhead returned to spawn this last spring. For one of the largest river systems in BC it is a pittifully low number. Among the causes of the decline are overharest through bycatch in a Chum salmon fishery, ecological decline in the Puget Sound and Georgia Basin and huge fish farming operations in the narrow Georgia Strait. Sadly the run for next year is forecasted to be even lower, at 500 fish. See the full story on the Thompsons tragic demis at the Vancouver Sun.

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